Is grass fertilizer safe for dogs?

You should consider using a dog-friendly fertilizing product instead? Yes, especially if your pet has been known to nibble on the lawn or plays in areas where you apply the fertilizer. Here’s why:

Grass fertilizers that contain weed and feed products like Dimension can be fatal for dogs.

Dimension is a fertilizing product that contains the weed killer atrazine, which can cause serious illness in dogs if ingested. The effects of atrazine poisoning are usually irreversible, and your pet may need to be put down after ingesting this chemical.

Is grass fertilizer safe for dogs

Grass fertilizers are used widely in the United States. These products contain nitrogen, phosphorous or potassium which are essential plant nutrients. When applied according to manufacturer’s directions, grass fertilizers supply nutrients that help improve the appearance and density of your lawn. Most importantly, they can encourage thick, healthy growth. Is it safe to use grass fertilizer for dogs?

All lawn owners should take precautions when fertilizing their lawn to keep their furry friends safe. Fortunately, there are several grass fertilizer products on the market that are animal-friendly and can be used safely around pets.

Grass Fertilizer Safe for Dogs

Do your homework before applying your favorite fertilizing product to ensure its safety around pets. Look for a dog-safe lawn food that is made up of organic materials. These products are generally safer for your pets and more eco-friendly than chemical fertilizers.

Go with Scotts LawnPro Natural Organic Dog Fertilizer, which contains alfalfa meal, cottonseed meal and soybean meal. It does not contain any synthetic chemicals or pesticides that can harm your pet. This dog-safe fertilizer also provides your lawn with essential nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Fertilizing is an essential part of caring for your home. It can help improve the appearance of your yard while keeping pets safe from potentially harmful chemicals in some fertilizing products.

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