Best In Ground Sprinkler System

If you are an avid gardener, then you know just how important a good sprinkler system is in your lawn. Here I will share with you some tips about the best in ground sprinkler systems for water supply to your lawn. No matter how much fertilizer you use on your lawn – watering is essential, especially in summer.

There are countless reasons as to why you should invest in a sprinkler system. For starters, this type of irrigation can save you time, money, and effort while making your lawn look better than ever. As you will see below, sprinklers are created with a series of watering pipes that allows water to flow evenly throughout your yard. This not only helps maintain the health of your grass, but it also keeps weeds from popping up around your property.

A sprinkler system is a plumbing system that delivers water to lawns and gardens by using pressurized, moving water. Sprinkler systems are usually programmed to operate for a pre-set amount of time or in response to a specific trigger or manual action. If you want to make your lawn green and healthy, it is important to water your lawn regularly and that’s why it is advisable to install the best in ground sprinkler system.

Orbit In-Ground Sprinkler System with Hose Watering Timer

The Orbit 50020 Ground Blue Locking Sprinkler is a easy to use automatic in-ground sprinkler system ideal for watering your lawn on a set schedule. This auto sprinkler system features a durable galvanized steel body that resists rust and corrosion, and a heavy duty, inline water valve with a maximum flow of between 1/2 and 5 gallons per minute. With the Orbit 50020 Ground Blue Locking Sprinkler you can create an easy way to keep your lawn watered by using this automatic in-ground sprinkler system to water your lawn On Schedule.

In-ground sprinkler system with 125′ hose has a threaded brass male connector and easily connects to standard garden hose. Features a sturdy locking handle to protect against tampering. Orbit sprinklers require no tools for installation, so you can set this unit up in minutes.

Orbit 50020

Orbit’s In-Ground Sprinkler System is the perfect way to water a large and irregularly shaped lawn. It comes with a hose remote for easy timer set up and operation, and a circle pattern spray nozzle that waters up to 500 square feet. This Orbit sprinkler system also features a lock mechanism that prevents accidental shut-offs when your pets wander by, or when you bump into it.

In-ground sprinkler systems make lawn watering easy and convenient. The Orbit® 50020 sprinkler system includes a timer that allows you to program the watering schedule for up to 5 different time periods within any 24-hour period. There is an input for an optional rain sensor, so that the irrigation system will automatically adjust its schedule whenever it starts to rain.

The Orbit 50020 Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System offers a convenient way to keep your gardens and landscapes thriving. This easy to install sprinkler system includes a hose timer and garden hose adapter, making it an ideal choice for both new and existing yards. The durable PVC construction is long lasting, while the 2 rated spray nozzles offer hassle-free watering for larger lawns.

This Orbit in-ground sprinkler system is an uncomplicated way to water your lawn or garden, featuring an adjustable head that allows you to choose between watering your backyard in even or odd patterns.

What Comes in box
1 pc hose faucet timer
1 pc 125′ x 1/2″ blu-lock ® pipe
6 pcs saturn gear drive sprinkler with .75 gpm nozzles
1 pc pipe cutter
1 pc pressure gauge
1 pc hose to 1/2″ blu-lock ® adapter
6 pcs blu-lock ® threaded tee
2 pcs blu-lock ® elbow
1 pc blu-lock ® tee
2 pcs blu-lock ® coupling
2 pcs blu-lock ® auto-drain

12 steps how to install sprinkler system kit

Step 1
Test Your Pressure
Attach the pressure gauge to the desired hose faucet, turn water on to find out how much pressure is available. If pressure exceeds 80 psi it is recommended to use a pressure reducer. If pressure is below 35 psi, please note that this system may not work as designed.

Step 2
Determining Sprinkler Head Spacing
Your available pressure will determine how far your sprinkler heads will spray water. Use this chart to help you determine how far apart to space your heads. Distances are approximate and based on the Orbit recommended, U-shaped, design. Performance will vary based on your design, and whether or not you choose to use all of the sprinkler heads in the kit. The spacing is based on the .75 nozzle provided with the kit. Distance will vary if the nozzle is changed.

Step 3
Prepare the Blu-Lock Pipe

  1. Unroll the 125′ coil of pipe, making sure not to kink the pipe in the process.
  2. Let the pipe rest in the sun for approximately one hour (depending on how warm it is outside), which will make the pipe easier to put into place. While you are waiting for the pipe, you can move on to the next few steps.

Step 4
Design Your System
For optimal coverage and health of your plants, locate each sprinkler so that the spray distance reaches adjacent sprinklers. Ideally the sprinkler heads spray pattern will spray over each head a short distance.
Design for head-to-head coverage

  1. Orbit recommends the U-shaped design shown in this manual, but this design can be adapted to the unique shape of your landscape.
  2. To ensure proper pressure and spray coverage of your lawn, do not put any more than three sprinkler heads on any length of pipe.
  3. If you have the 2-zone kit, adapt this design for your second zone. It is okay to have extra parts left over when you are done; we added parts for varying layouts.

Step 5
Connect the Timer
Connect the timer to the desired faucet and then connect the Hose to 1⁄2″ Blu-Lock adapter to the timer.

Step 6
Cut the Pipe
Cut the pipe where tees, elbows, and couplings will be located. Mark the Blu-Lock pipe one inch from the end before installing the fittings. This mark will help you know how far to push the fittings on to the Blu-Lock pipe. Don’t worry if the pipe stays coiled, it will straighten out as fittings are attached.

Step 7
Connect the Fittings
Connect the Blu-Lock pipe to the Hose to Blu-Lock adapter, tees, elbows, and couplings where you made your cuts. Make sure to push the pipe all the way into each fitting using the marking you made in Step 6. Attach sprinkler heads and auto-drains to the appropriate fittings. Auto-drains allow water to purge the pipes, reducing possible damage to your system. This does not take the place of winterizing your irrigation system. Be sure to properly winterize if you live in an area with freezing temperatures.

Step 8
Test Your System
Above ground, place your pipes, sprinkler heads, and drains in the desired location. Stake or secure your sprinkler heads to the ground so they will not move when you turn your water on to perform this test. Turn your water on slowly. Look for leaks. Blu-Lock fittings are designed to be removed in case adjustments are needed. First make sure that your water is off, then simply pull back on the blue tabs located at the end of the fitting, push the pipe in, twist the pipe, then pull the pipe out. Leave the water on. If water does not reach from sprinkler head to sprinkler head, see Step 9.

Step 9
Adjust Your Sprinklers
Watch each sprinkler head as it rotates to ensure desired coverage. You can also improve your coverage by moving sprinkler heads, or adjusting the sprinkler with a flat head screw driver. See the enclosed Saturn III, Gear Drive Sprinkler manual for complete instructions on how to adjust the sprinkler head.

Step 10
Once you are satisfied with your system coverage, it is time to dig down to bury the pipe.
• Start by removing your sod, dig down a few inches in rectangular or square shapes and pry up your sod. Set the sod aside so that it can be put back in place later.
• Dig down through your soil a total of eight inches. The top of the sprinkler head should be level with the ground.
• Auto-Drains should be installed at the lowest elevation point in the system so that water can properly drain from it. Dig the auto-drain locations deeper than the rest of your pipe.

Step 11
Clean Up
Bury your trenches. Shovel and rake soil back into the trench it came from, making sure to compact your trench so soil will not settle and create a trip hazard in your yard. Replace sod back over your trenches. Clean up any extra material from your yard.

Step 12
Program Your Timer
See the included timer instruction manual on how to program your timer.

Orbit 50021 In-Ground Blu-Lock Tubing System and Digital Hose Faucet Timer, 2-Zone Sprinkler Kit

The Orbit 50021 Ground Blue Lock Sprinkler is a durable sprinkler that is tested and proven to withstand the freeze/thaw cycles of winter while still operating fully in spring. Its innovative design includes a continuous 360 degree swivel coupling that easily rotates and moves along with the contours of your lawn. Additional features of this sprinkler include a vented cap with check valve to prevent back flow if the main assembly stops rotating unexpectedly and an extra blue cap for winter storage.

Orbit 50021

The Orbit 52001 sprinkler features a heavy duty brass ground stake to be used for lawn greens and turf germination. The unique angle design on the sprinkler ensures every drop reaches the center of the target. The built-in water filter protects and extends the life of the pump, and the adjustable nozzle delivers a gentle mist even at maximum flow settings. steel construction, runs on AC or battery powered. An easy-to-grip handle with built-in hanging hook for additional storage options and adjustable sprinkler head for height. This item is useful even in areas that do not require a lot of watering and make lawn care easier.

What Comes in box
1 pc hose faucet timer
1 pc 125′ x 1/2″ blu-lock ® pipe
12 pcs saturn gear drive sprinkler with .75 gpm nozzles
1 pc pipe cutter
1 pc pressure gauge
1 pc hose to 1/2″ blu-lock ® adapter
6 pcs blu-lock ® threaded tee
2 pcs blu-lock ® elbow
1 pc blu-lock ® tee
2 pcs blu-lock ® coupling
2 pcs blu-lock ® auto-drain

Orbit In-Ground Sprinkler System with B-hyve Wi-Fi Hose Watering Timer and Hub

Tame your landscaping without breaking the bank with this low-cost In-Ground Sprinkler System. The advanced B-hyve Wi-Fi Hose Watering Timer and Hub connects up to 12 Orbit B-hyve Valves and up to three different Wi-Fi Orbit Irrigation Controllers so that you can water your lawn from anywhere using your smartphone.

The Orbit B-Hyve Wi-Fi Hose Watering Timer and Hub is a complete watering system that installs easily into your hose. As the system works, it sends a wireless “Smart Alert” notification to your phone, tablet or computer. Most importantly, the system shuts off automatically when the job is done.

The B-hyve Wi-Fi Watering Hub establishes a wireless connection between the home or office and your hose sprinkler system. It wirelessly controls your sprinklers through a simple user interface allowing programming and monitoring from smartphones, tablets or computers, anywhere in the world. The orbit In-Ground Universal Sprinkler Timer is an easy to use, time-based watering controller suitable for use with all residential and commercial stand alone electric hose sprinklers.

The orbit B-Hyve Wi-Fi Hose Watering Hub revolutionizes lawn and garden watering with your smartphone! Use the free app to set customized watering schedules, monitor soil moisture, check weather conditions and more.

Quick-Snap QSK-745 In-Ground 5-Inch Pop-Up Adjustable Sprinkler 5-Pack With Quick Hose Connectors And Splitters

With our Quick-Snap QSK-745 5-inch pop-up sprinkler 5-pack, you will have everything needed to get your yard into shape. From the adjustable sprinkler heads that spray a consistent 15 feet radius, to the stainless steel quick hose connectors and splitters, these sprinklers are ready to be put to work.

The QSK-745 In-Ground Pop-Up Adjustable Sprinkler by Hunter is perfect to use in your gardens. The quick hose connections and splitters provide you with the ability to water one or multiple plants at a time. The 5-Pack comes complete with 5 QSK-745 sprays that adjust from 3″ – 7″, which makes changing spray lengths extremely easy.

Quick-Snap QSK-745 5-inch adjustable pop-up sprinkler made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with 4 inlet cone to provide maximum coverage for the lawn and garden. The sprinkler features slip joint for easy connection into the hose.

The Quick-Snap QSK-745 Pop-Up Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler is the ideal sprinkler to use over established grass.Discretely select specific areas to water while conserving water and reducing runoff with the Qwik-Snap In Ground 5 Pop-Up Sprinkler. Perfect for small yards, patios, and walkways where a standard spray head is not feasible, the pop-up sprinkler delivers just enough water where you need it. A great alternative for hand watering, each sprinkler features a Quick-connect end and innovative blue rubber nozzles that are easy to adjust. The 5 pop-ups included in this package are perfect for watering small lawn and garden beds when used with a hose end splitter

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