Best Ways To Water Lawn Without Sprinkler System

Watering your lawn with a sprinkler system is also beneficial but there are also some ingenious and best ways to water lawn without sprinkler system.

Growing your lawn properly might take your constant efforts and some tools for the proper maintenance of your lawn. Watering your lawn is the most necessary part to grow lush green grass and without an installed sprinkler system watering your lawn and maintaining the water distribution can be frustrating.

But before watering makes sure that your lawn is ready to accept the water and you can do this by mowing your lawn only about 2 inches tall.If you don’t have a sprinkler system don’t worry here we will discuss the best ways to water your lawn without a sprinkler system.

Sprinkler system is also known as water sprinklers and water is distributed through a network, consisting of pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers combined. This device is mostly used to irrigate agriculture corps, landscapes, yards, lawns, and golf courses.

A water sprinkler is a method of applying water in a controlled way for watering lawns, cooling purposes, and controlling airborne dust. The perpendicular pipes having nozzles on the top are connected to the water source and when water is pushed from the pipeline it escapes out from the rotating nozzles and gets sprinkled on the corps.

Water sprinklers can be used for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes. They are beneficial for watering large yards and agricultural areas or uneven lands where the water supply is not sufficient. Sprinklers also go well for the sandy soils and for watering residential yards at regular intervals.

But if you just started growing your lawn and you are looking for an easy way to water your lawn without buying these expensive water sprinklers this article is for you. We will introduce you to simple and reliable ways to water your lawn without a sprinkler system. But these tips might not work for some places so it’s better to know your scenario and do proper research before settling on a specific way.

Garden Hose (alternative to sprinkler system)

Best Ways To Water Lawn Without Sprinkler System

Garden hose is also known as hose pipe or simply hose is the most traditional way to water your lawn. Many attachments are also available such as sprayers and sprinklers, to connect to the end of the hose and to water the yard evenly. These hoses are mostly connected to the tap or hose spigot. Water is concrete at one point in these hoses to spread over a large area.

Garden hoses are typically made of the extruded synthetic rubber and soft plastic that makes them extremely flexible. These hoes are often reinforced with an internal web of fibers. Their flexibility and smooth exterior facilities made them pass trees, posts, and other obstacles in the yard.

Hoses made of soft plastic are tough enough to survive the scraping on rocks and stepping on without bursting and leakage. To increase the overall length of these garden hoes these are connected end to end, each male end of the water hose can be connected to the female hoes of the other length and small rubber washers are used on the female end to prevent leaking.

Recommended Options

Garden hoes don’t go well with the hot water and are mostly restricted by the manufacturers to use under extreme hot weather as they can get burst if pressurized while in the sun.

The hoses used to carry portable drinking water are made of NFS- listed polymers, to avoid launching chemicals into the drinking water. For your comfort here mentioned the top ground hoes you can use to water your lawn without a sprinkler system.

AmazonBasics garden hose – Best value for money garden hose

Key features
Water hose with Brass Coupling 25ft, 5/8”, 300psi

Offered by amazon this hose comes with brass couplings and it’s an amazing choice to water your lawn. This water hose may look simple but it offers a lot of different features that make it easier to use and better than sprinkler systems.

The average size of this hose is ⅝ inches, medium-duty and it can survive outdoors for a long time so you don’t need to worry about extreme weather conditions or bursting of the hose. This water hose could be used for many purposes such as watering lawns, gardens, cleaning pathways, washing vehicles, and many more.

This water hose is also triple-layer PVC that makes it safer for drinking water purposes. Brass made couplings used in it are made of quality material and are designed to resist rust and it could easily get attached to the water sources. It can stand the water pressure of 300psi. It is available in varying lengths and diameters but the general length is 25 feet and diameter is 20.2mm.

TheFitLife garden hose – Recommended

Key features
Expandable and Flexible Garden Hose
Upgrade Model 13-Layer Latex Inner
Solid Brass Fittings 3 Times Expanding
Kink Free Easy Storage Collapsible Water Hose with Nozzle (25 FT)

This garden hose offered by FitLife is highly reviewed and liked by the people. This garden hose offers a lot of benefits. It is made of a 13 layer natural latex inner tube and fabric that makes it flexible, long-lasting and kink-free.

It could also bear the extreme weather conditions as its material is the highest quality standard on the market to strengthen the durability so you don’t have to waste your money on useless hoses that last for few uses.

Its endurance test handles up to 1000 uses compared to the hoses with a maximum of 200 uses underwater pressure of 145Psi/10 bars. The 375OD elastic fiber used in it is more dense and rugged than any other material and prevents it from leaking and bursting.

Its durable material keeps it from getting damaged due to normal friction caused by dragging on the floor. It is available with 3 times extension in length which means if you have a big yard this product is just right for you.

It is available in different lengths and you can order your desired length of TheFitLife Expandable and Flexible Garden Hose – 2020 Upgrade Model 13-Layer Latex Inner and Solid Brass Fittings 3 just by clicking the below link.

POYINRO garden hose

Key features

  • Expandable Garden Hose
  • 75ft Strongest Expanding Garden Hose with Triple Layer Latex Core
  • Latest Improved Extra Strength Fabric Protection
  • Improved Design(Black)

POYINRO is offering this great black color expandable hose to water yards of any size. As its name implies it is the strongest expanding garden hose and very space-efficient as even if you get the full length and it still takes a very small place and you can expand it according to your needs or your yard size.

This garden hose has made our lives easier as it never gets tangled, twisted, or kinked. It is very flexible and its high-quality material provides extra coverage against leaking. This comes in an extra-long size but still very light in weight.

It is good for outdoor uses for washing vehicles and to play in your yard. It is made of a 100% durable latex core that prevents it from bursting and makes it easy for it to bear water pressures. You can order your POYINRO Expandable Garden Hose, 75ft Strongest Expanding Garden Hose with just one click.

Gilmour garden hose

Key features

  • Medium Duty Flexogen
  • 5/8 Inch by 50 Feet

This garden hose by Gilmor is a medium-duty flexogen hose offering lots of benefits for your lawn and also for other purposes. This garden hose is constructed in 4 layers that deliver flexibility and are highly reliable. It can also bear the water pressure of 250PSI according to its endurance test. Its outer cover is polished and resists dirt collecting abrasion.

On both ends, the crush resistant metal couplings with washers ensure the tighter seal that makes the leakage impossible. This product is very popular and highly reviewed by the people because of its quality material and also for its durability and reliability.

This product is made in the USA but you can order it from around the world and a lifetime warranty is also provided by its manufacturers. So what are you waiting for? buy your Gilmour Medium Duty Flexogen 5/8 Inch by 50 Feet now.

Briggs and Stratton 8BS50

Key features

  • 50-Foot Premium
  • Heavy-Duty Rubber Garden Hose

This product by Briggs and Stratton store is highly recommended as a heavy-duty hose. The average length of this garden hose is about 50 feet but you can also get different lengths of it. This heavy-duty pipe is made of crush-proof high-quality rubber that makes it flexible and to bear the friction when it gets dragged on the floor.

This garden hose is durable and very reliable even under extreme weather conditions. This product comes with high-quality couplings that resist rust and industrial style reinforcing high burst strength. Both of its male and female couplings are nickel-plated that ensures its longer lifespan.

Rubber washers also come with this garden hose for a watertight connection. You can order this Briggs and Stratton 8BS50 50-Foot Premium Heavy-Duty Rubber Garden Hose Online from anywhere around the world.

Giraffe Garden Hose

Key Features

  • 50 feet Lightweight Hybrid 5/8 in.
  • Water Hose with Sleeve
  • Heavy Duty
  • Flexible

This garden hose by the Giraffe is constructed with 2 layers of lightweight hybrid and one layer bursting resistant polyester mesh. This garden hose is tested rigorously to confirm its bursting strength, kink resistance, connection strength, and abrasion resistance.

This watering hose can resist water pressure of 150psi and is recommended for use at residential water pressures. It has a diameter of ⅝ inches that supports higher water flow but this hose is not recommended or safe for drinking water purposes. Its hybrid material is 29% lighter than the rubber that makes it easy to place it from one place to another and it is also easy to store.

Its nickel plated couplings ensure a tighter seal and minimize the chance of water leakage. This heavy-duty hose could resist extreme weather like a temperature of -40 degrees. This garden hose is easy to move and bypass corners such as sharp edges, trees, and other obstacles. Order your Giraffe Garden Hose 50 feet Lightweight Hybrid 5/8 in. Water Hose with Sleeve, Heavy Duty, Flexible now.

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Key features

  • 5/8 in. x 50 ft.
  • Lightweight
  • Drinking Water Safe

This garden hose by Flexzilla is extremely flexible. These green hoses are made of a special polymer blend that allows special flexibility in all weather even when the temperature is below zero making it the right choice to use it under rough conditions.

This garden hose is highly durable and is designed to handle any industry and environment. Its outer cover is made of abrasion-resistant material and its aluminum fittings are crush resistant means this hose is suitable for every condition.

These hoses are made of special polymer that makes them kink-free and easy to pass through sharp edges, trees, and bushes. They can also survive the friction caused by dragging over the ground.

These garden hoses are drinking water safe. They are lighter in weight that makes them highly considerable because they can be stored easily and the right choice to maneuver your lawn. Grab your Flexzilla Garden Hose, 5/8 in. x 50 ft., Lightweight, Drinking Water Safe – HFZG550YW-E now.

Things to consider when buying a garden hose.

Before spending your money on buying a garden hose make sure to do some research so that your money doesn’t get wasted on a useless garden hose that is not efficient and useful.
Keep in mind these simple things before settling for a garden hose.


Hose are mostly made of rubber, rubber hybrids, vinyl, or polyurethane. Besides those typical rubber hoses, there are a large variety of durable hose materials out there. Expandable hoses are one of them, their external membranes expand when filled with water.

These hoses expand when pressurized and shrink when you release the pressure. Check out the durability, expandability, and resistance of your hose varying different pressures and temperatures. You can feel free to venture into other materials and it is best to look out for the pros and cons of each material before buying one.


Garden hoses are not very heavy unless they are longer. Keep in mind the longer the garden hose is the heavier it will be. It can also get bothersome when storing and maintaining while maneuvering the lawn. You can also reduce the weight of the garden hose by choosing the lightweight material and by reducing the hose diameter and wall thickness.

Go for smaller lawn hoses that are just right for the size of your lawn and in some cases if you want a longer hose you can also connect two short hoses for better results. While buying the garden hose make sure to check its diameter as it also affects the water flow. Measure your lawn size and the area you have to water for getting the perfect length of the hose.

Kink free

Another important feature you must consider while buying a garden hose is that it should be kink-free. Mostly lightweight material kink easily and not very durable in extreme weather conditions. However, there are some materials available in the market that are both lightweight and kink-free such as triple latex hoses.

These hoses have been tested on rough terrains and rock surfaces remain tactless. Porous and perforated water hoses are also kink free as they are made of a porous material such as sintered rubber particles. These pipes leak throughout their length for even spray of water throughout the lawn. These hoses have small holes across their length drilled or punched in them.

Best Ways To Water Lawn Without Sprinkler System

Drinking water safe

There are several special hoses for drinking water purposes. These hoses are made of the NSF- international listed polymers such as plasticizers((phthalates) used in polyvinyl chloride (PVC, or vinyl). These materials are tested and shown as a safe drinking water carrier and do not leach any harmful chemicals into the water.

How we have tested

Garden hoses are not only designed for gardens they have a multitude of uses. We have chosen the best garden hoses for you after thorough research and tested in different conditions and using our own experiences to choose the right hoses for you.

We have talked with the house owners, manufacturers, builders, engineers and ask about their reviews of the garden hoses. We have researched the market and have taken the user’s review to determine the right hoses for you. We have done different quality tests to check their resistance, friction when dragged, kink resistance, dry weight, and rate of flow of water.

To measure the friction across the hose when attached a spring scale to the hose and dragged them when the hose was full with water, across the grass and concrete. To check the flow rate of the hose we connected them directly to the faucet and did not create any restriction, and counted the time needed to fill the 5-gallon bucket using a stopwatch.

Verdict and Recommendation

We have come a long way and tested many garden hoses to summarize the few best hoses for you. We have listed the top-rated and personally tested garden hose above and here mentioned our chosen best garden hose to make it easier and pleasant for you to water your lawn.
The garden hose is just the best in all aspects regarding its features, reliability, and kink resistance. So here are the results.

TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose – Upgrade Leak and Fray Resistant Design, Stainless Steel Water Hose with Solid Fittings and Sprayer Nozzle, Lightweight Kink-Free Durable Easy Storage (25 FT)

Recommendation for Garden Hose

Fitlife is a well-known brand in the market for providing lawn accessories and it is offering many different types of garden hoes having different features for your comfort. This ground hose by FitLife is made of industrial-grade heavy-duty 304 stainless steel that offers supreme durability so that you don’t have to change the hose every year.

It is not like those flexible garden hoses that fray, tear and wear easily and do not even last for a few years but this durable or high-quality hose can last for 5 to 10 years.

Latex is used as an inner layer in many hoses that is a flexible material but it could burst at more water pressure but with this stainless steel water hose, you don’t have to worry about the hose. Its inner tube responded well to high pressure in the endurance test and lasted for 1800 to 2000 uses.

Their new design connectors are made of 7- 7-series aluminum and are designed to prevent leakage. They are highly reliable, never gets knotted, twist-free, kink-free, also easy potable and collapse-able, it comes with a no question warranty of one year, grab your TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose now.

Why watering is essential

Water is one of the most essential substances on earth and every living creature including humans, animals, and plants needs water for their survival. Similarly, if you wanna grow healthy green lawn water is necessary for its growth.

Plants are about 85 to 90% of water and need water for multiple reasons including photosynthesis and cooling. Water is also a carrier as it carries minerals and nutrients from the soil into the plant. If you wanna grow a healthy lawn it requires proper sunlight, oxygen, fertilizer, and moisture.

When soil receives the proper amount of water with infrequent intervals of water, the organisms under the soil like earthworm thrive and enrich the soil that is necessary for the growth of lush green grass and it helps pesticides and fertilizers to penetrate the root zone.
It is necessary for the physiological processes of plants.

Watering your soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches can also improve the quality of the law and provide all the important environmental benefits for its growth.

The water required by the plants is the amount of water consumed during chemical reactions and evaporated from the plant and also from the soil. In crop production, water prematurely yields a determining factor. If a sufficient amount of water is not supplied to the plant, it may end up closing the stomata, rolling up a leaf, reducing leaf, changing leaf orientation and fruit yield.

Best Ways To Water Lawn Without Sprinkler System

Hoover Wand System for Watering

The Hoover wand system is another effective watering solution for your lawn without a sprinkler system. These garden wands as their name implies are a wand like a tool, which is attached to the hose and runs parallel to the ground.

They are designed to attach the end of a hose and a long tube serves as an arm, and that tube has small holes drilled over it. When it gets attached to a water hose, the water pressure from the hose compels and water comes out from the holes in a jet-like manner or rain-like shower.

Best Ways To Water Lawn Without Sprinkler System

Moreover, it consists of a handle like a hockey stick that makes it easy for you to stand up straight and just hold the handle extension straight to the lawn and the water is being distributed about 10 to 12 inches above the ground. As the water comes out of the drilled holes with pressure so the force from the water shooting at the lawn makes the extended handle suspend in the air to make it lighter for you to grasp.

The Hoover wand system is another great way to make water penetrate deep into the soil and it’s faster than a horizontal sprayer type system. It is also quicker than a drip integration system as the pressure of the water is dispensed. Hoover wand systems can be a great choice if you wanna water your lawn quickly and more efficiently. It works well with the small yard or lawn if you utilize the method efficiently to keep your lawn moisturized.

Drip Irrigation System

The drip irrigation system is also an optimal way to water your lawn without a sprinkler system. This way is similar to the micro irrigation system and intended to save water or nutrients and to get more benefits using less water.

In drip irrigation systems water is allowed to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either from above the soil or from below the surface. This way water easily gets penetrated into the root zone and does not evaporate.

It has become the most popular innovation in agriculture since 1930 after the invention of impact sprinklers offering lots of benefits and is compatible with areas lacking water. In this method, a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters are arranged in the form of a network for the proper distribution of water.

Best Ways To Water Lawn Without Sprinkler System

But the proper distribution of water depends on how well organized, well designed, and well maintained is your drip irrigation system. There are many different types of irrigation systems like surface irrigation and sprinkler irrigation but drip irrigation systems are more efficient than all of them.

Before installing the drip irrigation system in your lawn make sure you have researched well about the right irrigation system for your lawn and carefully study all the factors including land topography, soil, water level, corps, climate conditions so that you could choose the most suitable irrigation system for your lawn.

The disadvantage of a drip irrigation system is its initial cost could be higher than the overhead system and the sun could also affect the pipes installed for drip irrigation and will decrease their lifespan.

Why not use Sprinkler System

No doubt sprinkler systems do have a lot of benefits and it can be the easiest way to water your lawn but it also has some drawbacks that you must be aware of before installing the sprinkler system in your lawn.

  • Their operating cost is very high.
  • Installing pipeworks and attaching it with the water sources need digging the lawn that may take a few days and days or weeks of not using the lawn. And you will need to consider landscaping after that.
  • To ensure the proper coverage of your lawn, They require timely readjustments as their alignment can shift out
  • They get damaged during lawn maintenance such as mulching and bragging and require complete replacement.
  • It doesn’t work properly in a lot of wind as the water gets drifted.
  • Saline water can cause problems for sprinkler system
  • Sprinkler systems require a stable water connection.
  • The water should be free from debris, sand, and an inordinate amount of salt as it can cause blockage in the sprinkler.

Best Ways To Water Lawn Without Sprinkler System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I water my lawn without sprinklers?
There are a lot of ways to water your lawn without a sprinkler system. You can water your lawn using a ground hose also known as hose pipe. This is the most traditional and reliable way to water your lawn. Besides this, you can also water your lawn using the Hoover Wand system in which there is a wand-like pipe connected to the hose. Many holes are drilled over the surface of the tube and when water is released it compels pressure in the tube and water comes out in a jet-like manner. The drip irrigation system is another great system for watering your lawn as it is used to penetrate water deep into the root zone and to save water.

Is it better to hand water or use a sprinkler?
Sprinkler covers the pathways as same as the bed while with hand watering pathways remains dry and it can cause weeds to grow. Hand watering is less vigorous and it does not provide covers for insects and slugs. While sprinkler covers the whole area efficiently and water gets soaked directly into the soil and does not get wasted while in hand watering nor water is conserved so, it is better to use a sprinkler than hand watering.

When should you not water your lawn?
You should not water your lawn during midday as it leads to evaporation and loss of water. Nighttime is also not good to water your lawn as it causes water droplets to cling over grass that leads to lawn diseases and weeds growth. Watering your lawn in the morning from 6 am to 10 am is just the right time to water your lawn as this time water easily gets soaked into the water because the weather is cool and the wind is calmer that time.

Why is my grass dying even though I water it?
If you see brown patches in your grass it means your grass is dying and you should focus on providing the soil important nutrients by fertilizing the soil and also frequent watering could turn your dying grass into a lush green lawn. Grass dies when its roots do not get important nutrients and water from the soil. Water your lawn regularly but with infrequent patterns could make your lawn lush green within a few days.

Can I water my lawn every day?
No, as watering your lawn daily leads to a shallow root system. A shallow root system dries out fast and weakens the grass that may destroy your lawn. Instead watering your lawn with infrequent intervals like 2-3 times a week at different timings makes the soil absorb more water that leads to a deep root system and the turf becomes stronger and drought resistant.

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